Sacrament of Baptism 2021


Due to the directives of the Government, and the Archdiocese of Dublin, we have had to postpone our proposed celebrations of this Sacrament in the coming weeks. Once we are

permitted to celebrate them we will do so without delay. This is totally beyond our control, and the safety of everyone is paramount. Apologies to all disappointed families. 

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Restrictions Update May 2021

Church Door

Dear Friends,

From Monday morning our Parish Church will reopen for Masses. This re-opening has been long in coming, and we hope and pray that there will be no more closures.

As you may be aware the regulations say that 50 people may gather for worship. However in larger buildings the Pod system can operate - here in Cabra West we will have three separate Pods or Areas, and thus our total capacity will be 96 people in total, a reduction on last year’s 122. For this to work people need to stay in their Pods, and to exit from their Pods by different doors. We operated something similar last year. It will take time to get used to this new reality- but it is certainly not a ‘returning to normal’. With our much reduced capacity we ask that those who can attend Mass on a weekday do so, and give up their place at the weekend to those unable to come on a weekday. Of course many would love to come on weekdays and the weekend, but in doing so you will be preventing others from coming at the weekend. The Obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to be dispensed with, and all Masses will be broadcast on our Webcam. If we find that people are not following our Pod System we will have no alternative than to reduce our capacity to 50 people. 

These directives come from the Government and from the Diocese - and each Parish must follow them. Those attending Mass must still keep social distancing at all times, sanitise hands on entry and exit, and wear facial coverings. If you are unwell please do not come to the ChurchThere are many vulnerable people who are in need of our care and respect.

From Monday morning the numbers permitted to attend Funerals and Weddings will be 50 people- no matter what the size of the Church. Our Weekday Mass Monday to Friday will be at 9.30am. Funerals will be held at 10.30am. If a funeral is occurring we ask that people vacate the Church immediately after the 9.30am Mass and pray their devotions at home- we need the time to sanitise the seats. If no funeral is occurring people are of course welcome to stay for the devotions in the Church- socially distanced at all times.

I think many of us found this latest lockdown the most difficult one by far- but it is in our hands to ensure that best practice is always followed in our Parish Church. Of course we would love to throw open our doors and admit eveyone who wants to come to Mass, but this will not be a reality for some time to come. We have to continue thinking outside the boxes, and embracing the new reality that this Virus has left us, for the near future at least.

Welcome home eveyone- and let us all play our part in making this work.

Fr Michael 

Diocesan Task Force "Building Hope"

Archbishop Farrell has set up a Task Force under the title of

Building Hope’.  The Task Force aims to stimulate engagement with the whole diocesan family and shape an inclusive approach to a pastoral strategy appropriate to our times.  It is intended to support parish

communities to undertake a radical renewal, looking to the future with creativity, enabling the Archdiocese of Dublin to act now, so as to give effective witness and service in the years ahead.

You are invited to take part in this consultation.  There is a video, a prayer and a form on the website.  Please watch the video from the Archbishop and join with your family to pray and to discuss the future of the Church together.  It is hoped that you might nominate one member of your family to return to the website and make a contribution by filling out the form.

The consultation form will remain online until the 18th July 2021.

Pray, have the conversation and fill in the form.

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