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Easter Season thoughts & "Building Hope"

Easter Season Thoughts & "Building Hope"Capture

Throughout the days of the Easter season, each day in the First Reading, we will be listening to the Acts of the Apostles. It is perhaps one of the most important books in the Bible from our point of view because it gives us a glimpse of the early Church, who were its’ leaders, how it was made up and how it lived being Church in the early days after the Resurrection ? I suppose Christians of every time and place should always return to this basic Christian Community that the Acts gives us. Today we hear about them continuing to testify to the Resurrection, and also sharing their resources with all those who are in need.

I’m sure you’re aware over the last number of months, I suppose since the new Archbishop came, he has set in train a number of different endeavors. It started off with the Task Force, then Synodality where people were asked to come together to discuss the Church, and now there’s another one coming down the line entitled “Building Hope”. I suppose what the Archbishop wants is for people to come together to discuss how best we might be a Christian Community today, with all the different changes that are certainly just around the corner. What is essential to our way of life? If things change in Parishes, as they will, what things do we need to hang onto and what things can we let go? How can we share our resources of time, of talent, of money, with other Parishes that are of greater need? So there are really exciting times coming for every Parish.

I suppose none of us really likes change. Sometimes our memory is quite short and we think that the Church we have now was the Church of very time and place, that that’s not really true. Of course the Church is the same but how the Church is made up changes from one generation to the next. Often you have films that are repeated such as Star Wars and others, and yet often it’s the original film that is the best. I was just thinking today perhaps this is certainly true also of the different models of Church, the first model, the basic Christian Community is perhaps the best and Parishes of the future will have to return to that basic Christian Community where people come together with shared faith and share resources time and talents.

Over the coming days we will be praying for this “Building Hope” process that will begin, so you might pray the prayer below as we ask the Spirit to be with us, to make us an authentic Christian Community today and in the days ahead.

Building Hope Prayer. 

Pilgrim God, we give you thanks and praise.
You constantly journey with us even in our darkness and doubts.
We seek your way of loving kindness to walk together as one family.
Open our eyes to recognise you in the faces of one another,
in the breaking of bread and in the splendour of creation.
May the risen Christ sow seeds of hope and new life deep within us.
May our hearts and minds be filled with your Word,
bringing forth truth, justice and peace.
May the Holy Spirit working in and through us do much more
than we can dare to imagine
as we live out our baptismal calling in humble and loving service.
We make this our prayer through Christ Our Lord.

Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us.
St Laurence O’Toole, pray for us.
St Kevin, pray for us.
St Brigid, pray for us.

Easter 2022





Easter 2022

As we celebrate Easter once again I take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed so much to the celebration of our Holy Week Ceremonies. There are too many to mention- but please rest assured we are all so grateful for all you do. All of you are so involved in the life of the parish all year around, and we never take you for granted. So many visitors continue to marvel at the great spirit of service so evident here- so to all who play a part, take a bow. 

Thankfully we were able for the first time in a few years to celebrate the Easter Ceremonies with a physical congregation, and we continue to have a virtual one as well. Our World and our Country continues to emerge slowly out of the nightmare of Co Vid 19. It has left behind many broken hearts, and shattered lives. It has also though shown us how resilient we really are, and how important it is to cherish those two firm pillars of life, family and faith. In years to come people will look back with pride at all those who stepped up to the plate with no thought of their own safety and well being. Our prayer is that the virus continues to disappear apace. 

Over the next 50 days the Church’s Liturgy will celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. The Resurrection was the response of God to the life and death of His only Son. The days of Lent are behind us, and hopefully we are the better for them. Our world needs the witness of the Christian Faith more than ever as we continue to witness the madness of War in the World, especially in Ukraine. May lasting peace come quickly. 

On behalf of all the Parish Team I wish all our parishioners and visitors to our parish every blessing and grace at Easter. May Easter Peace be yours in abundance. 

Fr. Michael P.P.