Easter 2021


Dear Friends.

As we come to the end of the Octave of Easter it gives me a chance to once again express my thanks to all who helped in anyway in the celebration of Holy Week. If I mention names, I will invariably leave someone out, but you know who you are, and I am very grateful. I received many phone calls, cards, and messages during the week from people who joined us through the medium of Webcam- and they were all wholesome in their praise of what they able to be a part of through modern technology. So well done everyone. 

As you know from April 26th the number permitted to attend a funeral will rise to 25. It is hoped that further into May some kind of Mass attendance will be possible- the numbers will depend on what the government decides. It is interesting though that Churches will open their doors roughly at the same time as Museums and Galleries. It would be good to pose the following question to those who make our laws, ‘What is the Church’, or perhaps a better one might be, ‘Who is the Church’? The Church is not a museum, it is the holy people of God who have a right to live and practice their faith in a building that is sacred to them. Our Church is big enough to safely practice social distancing with 122 people in it- so hopefully when we are allowed open up again, we can accommodate at least that number- but who knows what will be mandated. If you feel as strongly as I do about this, please let our local representatives know. It is the only way our voices can be heard. 

As we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday may we all receive the Lord’s mercy, and show that mercy to others by the words we utter, and the way we live.

Have a good week.

Fr. Michael.