Christmas Blessings

Dear friends.

As we celebrate the great Feast of Christmas once again it gives me a chance to say a big ‘thank you’ to all who helped in any way in the preparations for Christmas. The amount of work involved is immense, and I am very grateful. All the work is done in a great spirit of service. Our Parish Church looks amazing as always - thanks to all who decorated it in the weeks before Christmas, to all who erected and decorated the Crib, and to those who keep our Church looking so well throughout the year.

My thanks to Ann for the beautiful floral arrangements- so many comment on them every year. Thank you to those who helped in the distribution of the Christmas Timetables. Thank you to the ladies who were busy in the parish shop in the weeks leading up to Christmas. To all those who help in any way maintaining our Church and grounds - thank you.

Thanks also to all in our Musical Ministry, to our Cantors, our Choir, and our resident Organist, Conor Creagh.  Our Sacristans, Paul, and Annette, were busy in the last number of weeks - thank you. Thanks to Linda and Deirdre for their work in the Parish Office throughout the year. 

We unfortunately continue to live in these challenging days of   Pandemic. We hoped this time last year that this Christmas would be more normal - but we continue to live with many restrictions. The message of Christmas is Emmanuel, God with us, not just for 33 years, 2000 years ago - but God with us every moment of every day. We are not alone in our joys and our sorrows. As you know during the year I was asked by the Archbishop to become the Parish Priest in Christ the King Parish, in addition to being Parish Priest here. The last few months have been very busy, and it is an enormous undertaking that at times leaves me tired and drained. Thank you to Fr. John Joe, Deacon Joe, and Fr. Tom in Christ the King, for sharing the load, especially in relation to the Funeral Ministry. Please God Deacon Joe will be ordained a Priest in the near future. We keep him in our prayers. Thank you to Sr. Philomena for all the work she undertakes in our schools in these challenging days.

On behalf of us all I wish you and your families the continued peace of Christmas, and every blessing and good health in 2022. Don’t forget to say the odd prayer for me.

Thank you. 

Fr. Michael P.P.